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RFID Locks are way too easy to 'Hack'! Let me show you!


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In this video I will try to pick an RFID lock electrically. Will I succeed or fail? We will find out. Along the way we will learn tons about 125kHz RFID locking systems and how "secure" they are. Reading and writing to RFID tags will of course also be a part of that. So let's get started!

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0:00 RFID Door Locking System Overview
1:17 Intro
2:12 How I built the Locking System
4:03 RFID Theory
5:54 Amazon RFID Writer/Reader
6:46 Amp Mod (Increase Reading Distance)
8:40 Coil Mod (Increase Reading Distance)
10:41 Verdict

posted by jajordan09vw