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Rex the Miniature Poodle - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Adolescent Dogs Ltd

Rex Mini Poodle has completed a 4 week residential stay at Adolescent Dogs

He is a great dog but his resource guarding was becoming difficult to manage at home. He was beginning to aggressively guard random items such as bags, coats and any items that were put down.

During his training we worked on building a positive association around various items and teaching Rex to be comfortable with people approaching and removing items from him.

Rex is now less interested in guarding items like bags and coats, and will remain relaxed when people pick these up. His owners also have methods to use if Rex starts to guard to safely remove him from the situation and avoid it escalating further.

Rex has been a delight to train and to see him progress, his owners will now have lots of support to keep his training going!

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posted by encauceesuw