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Relaxing Whiskey Blues Music | Top Blues Music Of All Time


Music is also used for what you say, not just for entertainment, but also for accompanying us while we perform other missions. My passion is writing, and my habit of listening to blues while doing it produces amazing results because of the simple fact that it motivates and ignites the imagination. This playlist features great songs and performers.
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Tracklist :
00:00 Blues Delight Slightly Hung Over
04:46 Gene Deer Midnight Healing
12:30 Chris Bell ColdHearted Woman
17:50 Scott Holt I've Got A Mind To Give Up Album:
24:00 Bernard Allison Help Me Through The Day
28:50 Luther Johnson Lonesome in My Bedroom (Live)
35:24 Gary B.B. Coleman One Eyed Woman
39:45 Aynsley Lister Need Her So Bad
46:46 Bronk & Sven Zetterberg Let's Straighten It Out
53:52 Adam Holt The End
01:00:10 Gary B.B. Coleman St. James Infirmary
01:05:01 12 Bar Blues Band Love That Burns
01:12:59 Jimmy Joe's Band I Loved Another Woman
01:18:00 Big Daddy G If This Is Love
01:23:56 Kim Wilson Five Long Years
01:30:40 The Chris Cain Band Late Night City Blues
01:37:02 Tim Wagoner And Wild Blue Younder Make It Rain
01:42:19 Blues Underground The Sky Is Crying (Medley)
01:48:56 The Volker Strifler Band I Smell Trouble
01:53:29 Working Blues Band You Were Late Last Night
01:58:47 Smokin' Gun Nothin Good To Say
02:06:57 The Superstitions Tin Pan Alley
02:11:29 Working Blues Band Who's Been Talking
02:16:30 Fred James Life is Hard
02:21:51 Eddy Wilson's Blues Band I Just Can't Wait No More
02:26:44 Roxy Perry House Of The Rising Sun
02:31:32 The Nortons Married to the Blues
02:39:32 Jimmy Dawkins Me, My Guitar And The Blues
02:45:31 Tin Pan Evening
02:52:30 The Dynamite Daze The Coolest
03:04:22 Henrik Freischlader Band I Loved Another Woman
03:09:01 Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band Tin Pan Alley
03:16:11 Gary B.B. Coleman Dealin' from the Bottom of the Deck
03:25:02 John Littlejohn Driftin' Blues
03:35:06 Zach Day & Full Throttle Midnight Blues
03:40:36 Michael Van Merwyk Blue Feeling
03:52:49 Mighty Mo Rogers Black Paris Blues
03:58:39 Daniel Castro I'll Play The Blues For You
04:06:22 JT Coldfire She's Crazy
04:11:45 Chris Bell Cold Hearted Woman
04:17:05 Buster Benton Money Is The Name of The Game
04:23:13 Guy Davis Loneliest Road That I Know
04:30:38 Main Street Blues Move On
04:39:43 Rory Gallagher What In The World
04:49:05 Albert Cummings Lonely Bed
04:56:27 Christian Willisohn Blues In My Bottle
05:02:01 Sons Of Blues As The Years Go Passing By
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