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Relaxing 4k Venice Beach California walk at sunset. 2022 sea and sand walking tour.

Walk with Me...California Beaches & Attractions!

Today we make our way northward just up the beach from Playa Del Rey beach and across the Ballona Creek inlet used by small boats to access the local marina. We start the walk on "Charlie Beach" and walk northwest to the Venice Fishing Pier. After crossing under the pier we are at the beginning of Venice Beach and make our way a short bit farther to a rock outcropping that extends into the surf break.

The walk takes place near sunset with a beautiful illumination on the water as we walk on the wet sand and the tide rolls in right up to our feet. We encounter seagulls, walkers, joggers, dogs, and a couple surfers hitting the waves. We even get up close and personal to pet a beautiful husky dog with blue eyes. At about 29:00 we walk out on a rock structure that extend into the ocean and see the waves up close and personal. We walk back toward Charlie Beach and end taking one last look at the waves as they crash against the Venice Fishing Pier as the sun sets.

If you like white noise, you'll love the relaxing wave and wind sounds throughout this walk. Just put this on in the background while you're meditating, workout out, or even going to sleep. There won't be any annoying music or narration to bother you. It might sound silly but if you put this on and relax and really watch the video closely, you might be able to imagine you're really there, feeling the wet sand on your bare feet and the cool, ocean salt breeze in your face as you walk along this beautiful California beach. Give it a try! It's so relaxing...

If you're in the area, Charlie Beach might provide a little less crowded beach area compared to the more wellknown Venice and Playa Del Rey Beaches. Take Washington Blvd West to the ocean and make a left on Pacific Ave. Follow Pacific all the way to where it ends at a small littleknown beach parking area. You will see parking meters but locals know the secret is those meters are never patrolled and most are broken, so don't bother putting money in them. From there follow the short path along the channel to hit Charlie Beach (Google Maps also identifies the beaches here as Marina Peninsula Beach and Driftwood Beach as you make your way toward Venice Beach).

If you tire of the beaches, you can make your way just down the road heading inland to the marina itself, where you can walk amongst the boats or go to restaurants or bars there. It's a very nice, clean marina area to visit and walk around.

GSP coordinates:
Charlie Beach: 33.965433137955245, 118.45852566747728

posted by tewgrwn5y