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Relationships: Dates Life Mates and Soul Mates

Michael Mirdad

[Relationships] Dates, Life Mates and Soul Mates

Healing our relationships is important and essential, because it's into our relationships that we project our worst issues. You could say, if you lived as a hermit, you're not really dancing the dance. You're really not working on the dynamics the stuff of life because you're isolated, and there's value to that for some people, but it's too isolating, and so insulated in a way, and so that creates this buffer around us where we're not interacting with people.

People are the primary places we project ourselves. Now, even a person who's a hermit is going to still have to deal with their projections into the world. It's gonna be into the weather that's too cold, the weather that's too hot, the tree branch falls on the person and hurts them, that that's actually a relationship. Our relationships are not just with people; It's everything we relate to.

We even relate to our body. We have a relationship with our body. So we have relationships with everything, but the place that we most project our issues, our unhealed wounds, is into other people. So coming to peace and learning to heal our relationships with other people is absolutely essential.

If you had to reincarnate. If you were going to reincarnate into the future, what kind of relationship would you most want? What would you prefer to experience? And think about this for a sec. What kind of relationship would you like none at all, or would you like just dating? Would you like monogamy, a one person, like I meet somebody and they're like a lifemate? What would you prefer? What do you think would most resonate with your heart as it is today?

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