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RealEats Review: How Good Are These Fresh Pre-Made Meals (With A Twist)?

Food Box HQ

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Intro 0:00​
Unboxing 0:10​
How Is RealEats Different? 0:41​
Cooking RealEats 1:42​
Taste Test 2:03​
Final Thoughts 3:00​

Hey Food Box HQ Family! Today we're unboxing, cooking, and taste testing RealEats. We've received a few requests for us to review this box so I was excited to check them out. Also, they were kind enough to send us this box to share our thoughts with you guys :).

RealEats is a premade, precooked meal delivery service that sends their meals to you fresh. All you have to do is "cook" them by boiling them in water. Sounds strange but it actually works really well. It's kind of like sous vide cooking.

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posted by Nikakitp