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Ravioli & Lava 2 Nikon D800 and GoPro


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Ravioli and Lava part 2. Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero 2 footage.

This time its a sealed can and it didn't fall over like the lightweight cola cans.

Many people were disappointed the Coca-Cola cans didn't explode and wondered why I even posted the video.
That's why and I was glad to see many explain the reason(s).

Those that understand what happens in this video, feel free to explain.

The weak spot on the ravioli can must have been the crimping holding the top on.
The lid blew off cleanly and landed some 15' away.
As the lava begins to pour into the can you can see its inner wall starting to break down.

A lone ravioli is shown near the end of the video. It was about 30' away. Kind of impressive considering how light they are and it went into the light breeze.
Only 5 ravioli could be found. Others may have been broken down while still in the can as it became superheated or simply blown to bits.

As stated in the other videos in this series, the can no longer exist. It melted and has been broken down into molecules.
The food had expired for over 1 year.

Future archaeologists will find the islands many landfills when they become exposed by erosion as the islands sink back into the ocean.
Nice garbage atolls full of disposable diapers. Or future lava flows will reenact what I'm doing here at a scale millions of times larger.
The videos weren't shot recently nor in a national park. Those of you unfamiliar with Hawaii, the lava flows outside of the park often. Even on private property.
It doesn't care what's in its path and it destroys everything.

This series of videos is scientific in nature seeing how differing sealed objects react to the 2000 degree lava hitting it.

Don't try this at home. Of course, if you do have a lava flow at your house, trying this is the least of your problems. Do not try this ever.
Safety precautions were taken and only the GoPro was slightly in harm's way.

Thanks for subscribing and watching. Many more videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn't always easy.

Be sure and subscribe to my blog for future photo and video updates.

***All content copyright protected 2013 © Bryan Lowry / All rights reserved worldwide***

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