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Raspberry Pi Travel Router - RaspAP

Everyday Tech

This video talks about how we can turn a Raspberry Pi into a travel wireless router. If you've been wondering what you should be doing with your Raspberry Pi, this is a very practical way to make use of it, especially as we start to travel more or if you are one who is starting to go back to coffee shops more as well. I am mainly using a software called Rasp AP ( There is good documentation on the site but a few quirks, depending on what you want to do. Make sure to follow the steps in the right order. I do recommend you installing the Raspberry Pi OS (raspbian) from scratch.

** Update **
As one of the commenters have pointed out to me, you can enable SSH and the Wifi settings in the Raspberry Pi Imager application. I believe this was released with version 1.7. (Thanks Liam!)

Raspberry Pi's (Affiliate Links):
* Unfortunately, Raspberry Pi's are expensive right now due to chip shortages.

Raspberry Pi 4:

Raspberry Pi 3:

Raspberry Pi Zero W:

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Dedicated Travel Router
GL.iNet AR750

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0:00 Intro
0:57 Benefits
3:08 Installation Overview
4:15 Installing Raspbian
12:32 Install RaspAP
14:28 Configuring RaspAP
18:57 Testing
19:53 Web Development on a raspberry pi
21:37 Ending

posted by Sandrigomq