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Randy Travis Interview! (Down Home Down Under Show #5)


Randy Travis Interview! (Down Home Down Under Show #5)

This is one of 14 rare interviews Hosted by The LeGarde Twins from Australia. These interviews have never been aired on Radio
or Television, anywhere in the world, until now.

They wanted to preserve these interviews for country music fans to enjoy and released them to be posted on this channel. This is just one part of the incredible life story of The LeGarde Twins.

We will be posting all 14 interviews and soon after that... we will upload 14 full length "TV Shows" they produced in Sydney Australia called "Country Style"

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Once again... We would like to thank "The LeGarde Twins" for sharing these great shows with all our country music fans...!

You can read their life story, with all the incredible photos, in their
book... "The LeGarde Twins" "Showbiz Hustlers"

If you would like a copy just go to: www.amazon.com

and type: "LeGarde Twins" in the search bar....

The book is simply incredible!

posted by puchypow63