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Random Acts of Kindness | Faith in Humanity Restored

By Storm

Hey, everyone. This is By Storm. We’re back with more emotional videos on random acts of kindness. Get comfortable and enjoy watching.

Generosity and kindness are two things we need to have more of. These students don’t owe anyone any money anymore.

I wish we had a teacher like him at my primary school. He’s the best!

As long as you hear a kid’s laughter, everything will be fine. For this little princess, her dad is building a swingset in their backyard and she’s so thrilled about it.

It takes nothing to make someone’s day, or maybe life because they may remember that one moment you were kind to them forever. Ben here is going to have an unforgettable day with his favorite players.

Being supportive of not only your loved ones but also total strangers is a sign of good character. This dad is one of such people for cheering for every student at a graduation ceremony. We salute to you, sir.

Having thousands of people expressing their love for you must feel different. Cristiano Ronaldo is the guy that deserves such affection.

These soccer team players did a little act of kindness that might not have changed the world but it surely changed the world for this little guy.

At the age of 86, it may be rare to have your friends around you. That’s why some elders keep a pet. This sweet lady reunited with her dog she left behind when she flew away from Ukraine. Thanks to the people at the charity organization for making it happen.

The Royal Guards in Denmark knows much about humanity. They safely escorted a family of lost ducks back to their homes.

Imagine how big of a heart you must have for giving away your trophy to someone else just because you feel that it’s the right thing.

Billie Eilish is loved by millions around the world not just because she’s a great artist but also because of her personality and character. She helped a fan of hers who was struggling with breathing at her concert.

When life says no to you, you come back at it with a big YES and prove it wrong. Aldo, with the help of exoskeleton and support of his friend, got his diploma by walking on the stage at his graduation.

Around 30 bikers came to express their gratitude to the woman who saved some of their lives in an accident a year ago. They all visited her daughter’s lemonade stand and got a drink from her.

Posty is that type of guy who doesn’t look so nice but actually is. Watch him buy all of this woman’s Tshirts at her store.

You want to see what “dream come true” looks like? Watch this boy’s reaction to getting his dream puppy.

Let your heart feel the warmth of this lady’s wholesome reaction to his son buying her a new house.

As a grandpa, the best gift for you is a grandchild. Here we can see three generations together on the grandpa’s birthday and his son brought his grandson with him.

Kai was at animal shelter for a long time and today she found her family. She’s one lucky puppy and the new owner also seems pleased to have her.

Is there anything better than seeing your child’s smile? It’s a pure blessing to see them happy.

A child raised right will definitely make a difference in this world. This woman’s son gave away his money and shoes to a homeless man, although he’s bullied by people for his disabilities. Nothing dampens your spirit when you have a heart of gold.

An understanding mom taught her son to love and care for her second mom after his parents divorced. This goes to show how strong character she possesses for having the courage to look past her bad memories and focus on her son’s future and happiness.

Losing his wife was a devastating blow for him. Getting this gift from his daughter sort of healed the wounds of his heart.

When this guy was playing “All of Me” by John Legend, a group of teenagers showed up to support him by singing the lyrics. Surprised by them showing up and joining in, the little boy continued playing the tunes.

This just goes to show how some people may end up making someone’s day without even knowing. The boy was so overjoyed to see them.

This man doesn’t want to let go of his friend and the nurses understood it. They were let to go through everything together and that is why we need to keep faith in humanity.

Nothing matches the love of your mother in warmness and realness. She has a daughter who’s suffering from cancer and just decided to let her daughter cut her hair.

This old man lost his dog a while ago and is still hurt by that. His children, knowing that very well, bought him a new puppy and that just melted his heart, everyone. He felt nothing but happiness in that moment.

People raised $5000 for this old veteran for a scooter. The first thing he wants to do with it is to go and help put flags up at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery. He was so happy to receive the gift.

posted by Gerlinwd