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RAMEN SCHOOL #8 | How to Make Tonkotsu Ramen

Adam Liaw

Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen is a labour of love. It can take 3 or 4 days to make although most of that is just watching a pot boil and you might wonder why anyone would ever go to the effort.

As one of the four main styles of ramen (shio, shoyu, miso and tonkotsu) it's important to know how it's made, even if you never attempt it yourself.

It is easier than it looks, although the first time you try to do it it will probably exhaust you completely.

This light style of tonkotsu is the style I prefer, although you can reduce the soup base further, add chopped fat to it etc. if you prefer the thicker, fattier versions of tonkotsu that you might have tried.

This recipe is for a shio gyokai style tonkotsu, meaning that it is saltbased and contains seafood, which is why it is very light in colour.

Full recipe: http://adamliaw.com/recipe/howtomak...
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