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Raising a Performance Puppy | Foundation Puppy Training Tips and Tricks for the Most Obedient Dog

Blue-9 Pet Products

Join Jamie Popper from Blue9 Pet Products to learn more about how to raise your dog to excel at dog sports. In this live demo held at the AKC National Championship sponsored by Royal Canin we'll cover topics such as puppy socialization to humans, new surfaces, balance equipment, new sights, and sounds. Jade the Border Collie puppy shows off obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, come, and leave it. Jade also demonstrates canine conditioning and body awareness skill such as pause points, front foot targeting, and rearfoot targeting.

Jamie shows several skills with her Australian Shepherd Roo including KLIMB platform training that helps solve problems behaviors in the home such as stopping jumping on guests, stopping begging at the dinner table, and stopping barking. All of these skills build to show off demonstrations of common sports dogs can compete in AKC shows such as Disc Dog and frisbees skills as well as skills used for competitive obedience and Rally obedience.

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