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rain dance || pokemon ost + thunderstorm ambience

Smile Together

When I study I like to play instrumental music and rain sounds so I decided to edit them together into one video. Hope you enjoy my study mix too!
part 2:
part 3:

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0:00 Eterna Forest (D/P/P)
2:46 Malie City (Night) (S/M)
5:49 Undella Town (B/W)
7:59 Verdanturf Town (OR/AS)
9:39 Time Gear (MDEoT/D/S)
13:20 Snowbelle City (X/Y)
15:23 Pokemon Center (Night) (D/P/P)
18:30 The Lament of the Falling Stars (OR/AS)
20:27 Aether House (S/M)
22:46 Lake (D/P/P)
25:18 Canalave City (Night) (D/P/P)
28:17 Emotion (B/W)
33:17 Iki Town (Night) (S/M)
36:48 Lilycove City (OR/AS)
38:48 Memories Returned (MDEoT/D/S)
43:14 National Park (HG/SS)
45:09 Littleroot Town (OR/AS)
47:09 Oreburgh Mine (D/P/P)
50:27 Relic Forest (Colosseum/XD)
52:46 Seafolk Village (Night) (S/M)
55:25 Pokemon League (Night) (D/P/P)
58:19 Surrounded Sea (MDEoT/D/S)


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posted by Reitanitb