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Raccoon Meets Hedgehog [CUTE]

Tito The Raccoon

The Raccoon doesn't know what to think about the hedgehog! He gets poked trying to figure it out! Tito spends the day playing with Theo in the yard. Theo takes a little bit to warm up and come out of his shell, but when he does he has a great time playing in the yard and garden!

Tito kept walking through spider webs and getting them all over his face. You can also hear a little photo session in the background while Theo we were filming. We filmed part of the video using a @jobyinc telepod after they were kind enough to send us one free of charge! In this little adventure the hedgehog goes running around exploring the outdoors. See if you can spot our two cats in the background in one of the scenes (hint around the time the hedgehog was drinking water).
Don't forget to sit back with some gatorade and cotton candy and just relax! This footage doesn't get cuter than this!

Some up coming videos will be the raccoon swimming, the hedgehog taking a bath, raccoon facts, and FAQ on raccoons part 2. We also have some new family members we will be featuring soon!

Don't forget to check out our FAQ on Raccoons, raccoon cotton candy, 3 things I wish I knew before getting a raccoon, and raccoon steals grapes!

If you like these videos then feel free to support the channel by purchasing Tito T-shirts ($20) or an Original Tito Masterpiece ($40) shipping prices is dependent on location!
Both of these guys are spoiled and I try to give them the best care possible! Any help is always appreciated!

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