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Python Decorators and Writing for Real Python | Real Python Podcast #1

Real Python

Do you want to learn more about Python decorators? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create a Real Python article? In this first episode, We have Geir Arne Hjelle from the Real Python team on the show.

You’ll learn about Geir Arne’s background as a Pythonista and PyCon speaker, the tutorials he’s written for the site, how Python decorators can help you write better code, and what Real Python’s tutorial publishing process looks like behind the scenes.

Note: This episode was recorded earlier. We discuss PyCon US 2020 and his planned tutorial. At the time this episode was released PyCon US 2020 was currently looking at rescheduling or a potential cancelation. Updates will be provided in upcoming episodes.


00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:39 – Geir Arne Python Background
00:04:16 – Real Python Background
00:05:55 – Real Python Editing Process
00:09:00 – Christopher’s Real Python Background
00:10:45 – Working on Decorators
00:13:00 – Decorators in the wild
00:16:30 – Pycon 2019 Talk Plugins
00:19:32 – Pyplugs
00:20:09 – Links to talk materials
00:20:29 – Pycon 2020 Tutorial Decorators
00:22:59 – Euro SciPy
00:23:47 – Real Python Meetup Pycon 2019
00:25:05 – More on the Decorators Article
00:26:18 – Slack Decorators Q&A
00:27:29 – More on Euro SciPy
00:28:12 – Current Position at Amesto NextBridge
00:32:09 – Decorators Examples
00:39:47 – What are You Excited About in Python
00:47:04 – PyCon 2020 Tutorial on Decorators additional
00:49:45 – Conclusion

Links from the show:

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