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Put Your Keys In Foil, It'll Save Your Car From Theft


How to protect your car from being stolen? GPS-trackers, steering-wheel locks, and other standard anti-theft items are well-known to anyone who has a car and plans on keeping it that way! But in order to be ready for anything, it’s better to learn about the additional protection available to make your car less attractive to thieves. It’s useful to know the typical methods of theft and to be able to recognize the signs that someone is planning to steal your car.

At Bright Side, we’ve collected recommendations that will help decrease the risk of auto theft and want to make you aware of the signs to look out for to avoid it.

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Keep your keys wrapped in foil 0:37
Mark the glass 1:15
Keep your car in the best condition 1:44
Put a baby monitor in the car 2:20
Hide your old phone in the car 2:58
Keep your wheels turned toward the curb when parked 3:33
Take the steering wheel with you 3:59
Use a club 4:20
Pull the plug 4:45
Remember the typical car theft schemes 5:20
Watch where you park 6:26
Use several anti-theft items at once 7:02
Don’t make things easy for a car thief 7:43
How to tell if someone is planning to steal your car 8:28

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- To protect your keys from these “relay” attacks, use something metallic since metal blocks signals.
- The windshield, windows, and mirrors can be marked with a vehicle’s identification number (or VIN). This service doesn’t cost much, and it reduces the risk of theft significantly.
- When prospective criminals see your car is well cared for, they’ll assume you must have a good alarm system and ways to find your vehicle.
- A baby monitor makes a great anti-theft device because you’ll be able to hear everything that’s happening in your car.
- If you know you’ll have to leave your car in an unfamiliar place, hide an old switched-on phone or tablet in it. Just remember to synchronize it with your Google account in advance.
- A quick-release hub will let you take the steering wheel with you when you leave the vehicle, and thieves won’t be able to get far without it!
- If you don’t feel like spending a bunch of money on car security, try a quick tug on a spark plug. A car won’t start without a spark on the cylinder.
- If you bump into someone’s car or someone slightly bumps into yours, you should take the rights steps: roll up the windows, lock the doors, and call the police.
- Park in areas that are well-lit and preferably have security cameras, such as building entrances and parking lots.
- If you make use of an obvious anti-theft item, like a steering wheel lock, you should still install a GPS-tracker in an unusual place.
- According to crime statistics, cars are most often stolen from public parking lots, gas stations, or near ATMs.
- If you get a call from a company that has supposedly installed the alarm system, locks, or something else in your car, never answer the questions about safety.
- If you’re having trouble locking the car with the fob, there’s a chance that someone is trying to intercept the signal, especially if you’re in a public area.

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