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Pug Pros and Cons ( A Must Watch for New Potential Pug Owners )

Dog Breeds FAQ Channel

Just like any other domesticated animal, there are pug pros and cons.

They’ve been beloved canine companions for centuries, with their roots in 8th Century China.

When they hit the European market several hundreds of years later, they were an instant hit among the rich and noble.

Today, however, even as they remain beloved companions, there is a movement from some activists to ban the breed.

What is it about these lovable pups that made them so immediately popular?

And on the other hand, why are people now pushing to see an end to the breed?

Are they good pets for everyone, or just certain kinds of people?

Here is complete pug information that you need to know like facts about pug, what to know before buying a pug, pug training, and many more!

Let’s examine some pug pros and cons and see if this dog is the right pet for you!

Let’s find out!

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posted by Paulittixs