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Proof That The US Military Is Hiding Aliens?

The Infographics Show

Could the US military really be hiding aliens? What are the theories saying? Are there aliens hidden by the army and military in Area 51?

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, since 2014 there has been quite a drop in the number of people that have reported seeing alien spacecraft. But prior to the 1940s there is little evidence of people saying they saw unidentified flying objects.
Then we got the space race and mind-blowing technologies, and people not only started saying they saw UFOs but some believed they had been abducted by aliens. This was the dawn of a new era of alien conspiracies, with Roswell perhaps being the best known of them all.
When video technology became easily accessible, we also saw many films of strange objects in the sky, and perhaps even the most skeptical among us could be swayed towards believing they were watching aliens.
Let’s now try to find out what could be hidden from us, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Is the US Military Hiding Aliens?




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