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PRESS THESE 3 POINTS DAILY For A Healthy and Happy Life | Qigong Basic Acupressure Daily

Qigong Meditation

This is the Qigong Basic Acupressure Daily. Press These 3 Acupressure Points daily, press ( and release ) each point in 60 Seconds will help you to maintain healthy and happy life.
You can apply this Qigong Routine 5 Minutes after Qigong daily Routine, right before going to bed or anytime that you need to rest and relax your body and mind.

*** 3 Acupressure Points:
1. Press at Center of Palm | Pericardium 8 (PC8) 0:39 : Strengthen Internal Organs.
2. Press at Connection Between Thumb and Index Finger (Joining Valley) | Large Intestine 4 ( LI4) 3:47 : Reduce Headache, Toothaches
3. Press at Point ( 3 Fingers from inner Wrist) | Pericardium 6 (PC6) 6:42 : Release Gas In the body, Support Digest System.

Learn More about Qigong Meditation at Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/QigongMedit...

Video recorded, edited, and Performed by Thich Man Tue ( Br Insight)

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Thank you and enjoy your exercise in mindfulness with a lot of joy and peace .

Health disclaimer: Please consult your physician before doing any of these exercises.

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