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Portuguese Water Dog - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 interesting facts about the Portuguese Water Dog, an energetic, curious and outgoing dog breed.

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Short Portuguese Water Dog description:
The Portuguese Water Dog is medium sized, well muscled dog breed with average height between 4357 cm which is 1722 inch and weight between 1527 kg, which is 3360 pounds. Females are naturally little bit smaller then males.

Portuguese Water dogs are just made for swimming. They have webbed toes and flat paws that work like flippers. Their strong tail is like a rudder and it makes it easier for them to navigate when swimming. And we can not forget about the waterproof thick coat, which enables them to swim even in cold waters.

Portuguese Water Dog facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:22 Ancient history
0:45 Workers
1:08 Coat
1:50 Born to Swim
2:11 Exercise
2:36 Politicians
3:03 Family companions
3:22 Size
3:41 Hypoallergenic
4:02 Health

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