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Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain Rescued by Pit Crew! Rescuing Rogue - Hope For Dogs | My DoDo

World Animal Awareness Society

Watch Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain Rescued by Detroit Pit Crew on Rescuing Rogue from the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films if you like Hope For Paws & The Dodo.

World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films http://www.WA2S.org
Hope For Dogs: http://www.hopefordogs.org
WA2S Films Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WA2S.org

This Dog rescue is part of the Rescuing Rogue series with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue by WA2S films.

Rescuing Rogue Season 1 Episode 1

Tree trimmers in Detroit alerted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue about 3 injured and starving dogs spotted in the back yard of a house on the NW side of the city.

Here's what Nemo looked like when his name was Max and before he came to live with these people:

Here's the first follow up from Center Line Veterinary Hospital in the new series: VET RESCUE Let The Healing Begin!

Here's VET Rescue Saving Nemo Part 2:

This dog Max (NEMO) is in the care of Terri and the vet, and WA2S films has been asked to provide raw footage to assist prosecution for animal cruelty. Look for a follow up soon. NEMO is looking for a new family.

In VET RESCUE - another new series from WA2S Films - look for updates from the Vet about NEMO, and we will also be checking in with the other dogs, one of which has a horrendous bulging eye infection.

Help the World Animal Awareness Society save thousands of at risk dogs working with dozens of dog rescues around the world. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us help rescuers save more lives! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...

And this video is a compilation of all the others about NEMO/MAX condensed into one single video:

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