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Photoshop for Beginners | FREE COURSE

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Learn Adobe Photoshop with this amazing FREE course. Go from beginner to pro in 23 lessons exploring all the essential Photoshop tools and techniques. You'll start at the beginning and work quickly into more exciting techniques. Learn how to use Photoshop layer styles, how to change color levels, how to retouch and manipulate images, and much more. If you're a photographer, marketer, or designer, this course will give you the core skills you need.

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1. Introduction
0:00 1.1 Welcome to the Course
1:50 1.2 Getting Started
2. Layers
3:10 2.1 How Photoshop Layers Work
12:06 2.2 Combining Multiple Images
3. Color and Adjustment Layers
20:40 3.1 Tone Adjustment With Levels
25:17 3.2 Color Adjustment
29:21 3.3 Hue Adjustments
4. Text
37:42 4.1 How to Work With Type
49:37 4.2 Warped Type and Type on a Path
5. Layer Styles
1:07:17 5.1 Layer Styles and Effects
6. Cropping and Resizing
1:24:46 6.1 How to Crop
1:32:08 6.2 Resizing and Resolution
7. Selections and Masking
1:41:49 7.1 Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee Tool
1:47:58 7.2 Clipping Masks
1:52:27 7.3 Quick Selection Tool
2:00:18 7.4 Layer Masks
2:06:25 7.5 Select and Mask
8. Smart Objects
2:18:38 8.1 Understanding Photoshop Smart Objects
9. Transform & Warp
2:30:09 9.1 Transforming and Warping Layers
10. Retouching
2:37:58 10.1 Retouching With the Photoshop Healing Brush
2:45:55 10.2 ContentAware Scale
11. Exporting
2:54:11 11.1 Exporting Images
12. Conclusion
3:04:49 12.1 What Next?

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