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Part Time Assassin (Gacha Verse Mini Movie)


Ahhh, thank you for over 800k views! I've never hit over 1k before!

I disabled comments due to the hate comments I’ve been receiving. I’m sorry if I sound so sensitive, but they hurt me greatly. I couldn’t stand them.

I quit Gacha Verse. I will use Gacha Studio, but mainly Gacha Life.

Songs used:
They Don’t Know About Us

Songs don’t belong to me, credit rightful owners. I Fell in Love With a Homeless Girl//Gacha Life Mini Movie. Bad Boy's Protection | Mini Movie(Romantic story)| Gachaverse. Greedy Love | Mini Movie [ Gacha Life]. Assassin School (Gacha Life Mini Movie). A Girl Disguised As A Boy | Gacha verse Mini Movie. The Tomboy part two (Gachaverse/gacha life mini movie) read dec. A werewolf and a vampire love story | Gachaverse Mini Movie (1/2) | Read Desc. Corrupt Assassin| Gacha Life| Ep1. Born to Kill, mini movie (Gacha Life). An angel by the devil's law || gacha life mini movie.

posted by liutanrm