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Parents Charged with Child Endangerment Over 8-Year-Old Son's Prank

Inside Edition

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A YouTube video of a child named Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny riding in the bed of a pickup truck in California filled with Orbeez (water and gel based plastic balls) led authorities to issue charges against two adults. Police said in a release the video showed "dangerous driving behavior involving children." In the video, the balls are later dumped out of the back of the truck for fun. They naturally rolled down the street and eventually clogged storm drains and triggered a major cleanup operation. A Look At The Filth Inside Hotels Charging Top Rates For The Super Bowl. Child Screams For Most of 8-Hour Long Flight. How the 'Stingray Shuffle' Could Keep You From Getting Stung. How to Avoid Falling Down Stairs. Toddler From 1800s Found in Casket Under Home Last Year is Finally Identified. Why Do These Televangelists Need Expensive Jets? Why This 3-Year-Old Girl Is Convinced Her Babysitter is a Mermaid. The Disgusting Mess Inside Trump's Childhood Home on Airbnb For $800 a Night. Student Jumped Into Shark-Filled Pool On A Dare And Immediately Regrets It. 11-Year-Old Girl Suffers Third Degree Burns From Making Homemade Slime.

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