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Painting a Victorian Wall Mural *because why not*

Rachel Maksy

Hiiii! So something I've been in love with ever since I was little is the idea of transforming a space by painting, sortof like a theater set? SO. After seeing some inspiration online, I decided to FINALLY just do it. I took some leftover wall paint, chose a wall in my bedroom to attempt a Victorianesque mural so I can feel like I'm... sleeping in the forest? Also answered some questions... I dunno.


|| What I'm Wearing ||
Day 1: Son De Flor dress & Apron
Day 2: Schrute Farms Tee (Target I think lol), Son De Flor lounge pants, and a MeMade apron!
Day 3: Blouse is vintage from Etsy, Skirt is @littlewomenatelier
TikTok: @rachelmaksy

PO Box 1819
Plymouth, MA 02362

posted by palub7q