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Only an Insane Person and Genius Can Solve This


How to find out if you are a genius? How to train your brain and get smarter? The way a person answers the most straightforward questions can reveal a lot about them. Questions are used all around the world by psychologists to find out whether an individual is a genius or needs professional help — or both.
Each question will have a countdown of 10 seconds. All you have to do is just look at the pictures and try to figure out what’s in common in those two. The correct answer will appear right after 10 seconds, so you will be able to compare it with yours and draw your own conclusions.

Questions 1 1:30
Question 2 1:59
Question 3 2:34
If you got no correct answers 3:08
If you got them all 3:15
Test results explained 3:19
Bonus 4:26

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-What do a kettle and a steamboat have in common?
-What do a race car and a tornado have in common?
-What do a shoe and a pencil have in common?
-If you couldn't answer any of the questions, your state of mind is completely healthy.
-If the questions turned out to be completely simple, then you may have an inclination towards psychological problems, and it may be worth seeking professional advice to make sure everything’s OK.
-This kind of test is an example of the “contraposition method,“ which is used to reveal the extent of someone’s awareness.
-Take a look at the picture. What animal do you see?

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