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Old English Sheepdog - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 interesting facts about the Old English Sheepdog, a playful, intelligent and loving dog breed.

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Short Old English Sheepdog description:
Old English Sheepdog might look like giant balls of fluff, but under all that coat is a solid and pretty powerful dog. The average height should be between 2226 inches which is 5566 cm and weight between 3046 kg, which is 66101 pounds. The females are naturally little bit smaller than males.

It is true, that the Old English Sheepdog is a very intelligent breed, but they are not pushovers to train. It is because their independent nature. They are pretty strong willed and they need consistent and firm leader. But they are capable of becoming extremely obedient dog that knows tons of tricks and commands.

Old English Sheepdog facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
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1:41 Training
2:00 Grooming
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2:53 Separation Anxiety
3:18 Bear like gait
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