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Notion App: Full Notion Tutorial for Beginners in 2022! [A-Z Guide] ✨💻

Productive Dude

Full Notion Guide and Tutorial for Beginners in 2022!

This is the only Notion tutorial you will need for 2022. In this video I go over everything you need to know about Notion. We start off this Notion tutorial with basic concepts such as: Why I use Notion, Notion pricing, settings for Notion, changing the look and feel in Notion, text tools in Notion, columns and sections in Notion, etc. As we progress through this tutorial we get into more advanced Notion use cases: Notion block types, pages in Notion, Notion databases, advanced properties in Notion, formulas in Notion, linked databases in Notion, synced blocks in Notion, etc.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to use Notion for anything you want to create. This Notion tutorial is great if you are a complete beginner, or even if you have been around the Notion space for a while and want to sharpen your advanced Notion skills.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 How I Use Notion
3:43 Notion Pricing
4:25 Settings and SetUp in Notion
10:49 Changing Notion’s Look and Feel
14:15 Text Types in Notion
19:34 Notion Block Types
21:30 Columns and Sections in Notion
23:29 Pages in Notion
27:48 Unique Block Types in Notion
35:42 Databases in Notion
45:21 Properties, Filters, Grouping, and Sorting in Notion
48:21 Database Views in Notion
54:53 Using Formulas to Prioritize Tasks in Notion
1:04:20 Relations and Rollups in Notion
1:12:29 Linked Databases in Notion
1:14:33 Outro


posted by rocatzj6