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NINJA Reacts TO Tfue Having To *BUY* All Skins Because Bursts Got *VAULTED*.. (Fortnite Moments)


In this Video, Ninja Reacts TO TFUE Having to BUY All Skins Because Bursts Are Vaulted.. What do you guys think?! This Video includes Fortnite Moments, Funny Moments, Daily Moments, Gameplay of Fortnite, and epic/best moments!

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ImTimTheTatMan -
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(!! IMPORTANT!) This video is only for entertainment purposes & to promote the streamers/video personalities. If you are in the video and don't like it, or want it removed, please send a simple message on my email & it will be removed ASAP! You can email me using Thanks! Tfue BUYS & HATES His *NEW* 'FATE' NINJA SKIN! *LEGENDARY* Fortnite FUNNY & SAVAGE Moments. TOP 1000 FUNNIEST MOMENTS IN FORTNITE 🔥. Ninja PROVES He Can Hang with Tfue and DESTROY Pros! *INTENSE LATE GAME*. TFUE Reacts & BUYS *NEW* 'Jaecer' & 'Fyra' Skins & Battle Axe Pickaxe! (Fortnite Moments). Is the *NEW* SILENT sniper in Fortnite GOOD or BAD...? Tfue BUYS *NEW* Ark Skin + Full Item Shop! | (Streamers React to Ark SKIN) | Fortnite BR. How we won $515,000 (VLOG #2). Tfue Pushed by his Chat to BUY the *NEW* PARADOX SKIN and Item Shop Fortnite. Pokimane Reacts to New Champion Sylas | Sylas vs Sylas 'INTERACTION' | LoL Daily Moments Ep #322. Welcome to my OG Skin Fortnite Clan (RARE Skins Only).

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