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Nikola Jokic is the Most UNDERRATED Player in the NBA!

Hoops House

Nikola Jokic has fast become one of the best offensive big men in the entire NBA. But he remains one of the most underrated NBA players due to the small market of Denver and the perception that he is bad at defence.

This video exists to show you how Nikola Jokic manages to dominate the game through skill and basketball IQ. And that he is incredibly underrated as a defender. He might not go about it in the same way as centers such as Clint Capela and Joel Embiid, but his positioning and control make him a different kind of force on the court.

The Denver Nuggets should look to dominate the Western Conference this season and aim to finish as a top four seed in the West. The offensive power of Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Paul Millsap, Isaiah Thomas and Nikola Jokic should blow teams off the court.

And then there is Michael Porter Junior who I will have to cover in another video. He should be aiming to start at the small forward and could be the perfect piece to complement this Nuggets team.

But no matter what happens with Denver's small forward position, Nikola Jokic should no longer be underrated at the end of this season. He should be an All Star, an All-NBA player, and leading his team to the playoffs. Nikola Jokic Full Highlights Nuggets vs Timberwolves (2018.04.11) - 35 Points, 10 Reb. Nikola Jokic Full Highlights 2019.03.14 vs Mavs - 11 Pts, 14 Rebs, 8 Asts, CLUTCH! | FreeDawkins. Nuggets are a problem, and they aren't quiet about it - Rachel Nichols | The Jump. Nikola Jokic 2016 Season Highlights. Denver Nuggets 2017 2018: Best Plays From Every Player. Nikola Jokic Drops a Triple Double With 15 Assists! | December 3, 2018. Nikola Jokic Full Highlights 2019.01.03 Nuggets vs Kings - 26 Pts, 13 Rebs, 6 Asts! | FreeDawkins. Nuggets are 'absolutely' second best team in West - Paul Pierce | The Jump. How The Denver Nuggets Built an Elite Team With Other Teams Draft Picks. Nikola Jokic Full Highlights 2018.3.30 Denver Nuggets at OKC Thunder - 23-12-6! | FreeDawkins.

posted by iuhegrz