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New Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy day 5 - toilet training

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Here is how to go about successful toilet training with a young puppy.

Using a cage to try to increase bladder control, since a puppy doesn't want to wee or poo in it's own home, we take the puppy out of the cage every 20 minutes to the area that we want her to use.

We have chosen an area that doesn't harbour many interesting smells, as we don't want the process to last long.

We use the verbal command 'busy, busy' and at this stage we are associating the verbal command that we give, with the behaviour that the dog presents to us at that instant in time.

Be careful not to associate the behaviour of the dog sniffing with your command word or phrase, or you could end up teaching the dog to sniff on command, not to wee on command!

posted by lollampog8f