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New Puppy Shopping List

How To Train A Dream Dog

New Puppy Shopping List // Want to make sure you're fully prepared for your new puppy? In this video, I'll share my musthave new puppy supplies. These puppy essentials will guarantee you're prepared for any new dog you bring home. Your Puppy supply list will contain dog collars, training treats, a leash, puppy food, a crate and so much more. Be sure to watch till the end so you can learn all about what to buy for your new puppy and why using a Kong with your puppy is a great way to get them to stop chewing your furniture. Whether your just getting started with dog training or puppy training, you'll be well on your way to success with these puppy essentials.

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Don’t forget your Supplies:

Training Treats:

Treat Pouch:


Dog Poop Bags:

Flea and Tick Prevention:





Metal Crate:

Plastic Crate:



Front Clip Harness:

Potty Bells:

Slow Bowl Feeder:

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Shout out to Healthy Choice Pet Supply in North Chili, NY 14624
The owner Paula graciously allowed us to film this episode in her store! Thanks Paula and crew!!

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