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'Never Pay Collections or Charge Offs' is HORRIBLE Advice (2021)

Consumer Warrior

Never pay collections or charge offs? In this video I tell you why that could be HORRIBLE for your pocket book and bank account!

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One of the biggest myths in the the world of debt collection is that a charged off credit card is no longer legally collectible. This is simply not true and can lead to some horrible financial situations.

There are some popular vides here on YouTube that tell people that they should not pay collection accounts or charge offs. Here are two the most popular:

Never Pay Collections or Charge Offs:

Never Pay Collections or Charge Offs:

Check out my video to learn why this information is so wrong.

Legal Disclaimer: While I am a licensed attorney the information I provide on my YouTube channel should not be considered legal advice. We have never met, I don't know the specifics of your case and all information is provided for educational purposes. If you are facing a serious legal problem you should consult with an attorney in your state.

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