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Neighbors Watch Spotted Field Spaniel Puppy Trot u0026 Wiggle In Yard

Jacqueline Wang

I met this spotted field spaniel puppy the night after he first came home with his family after leaving his litter. Today, I saw him, now 8 months old, trotting by himself in his front yard as neighbors watched. He greeted me affectionately, especially in contrast with how shy he was the first time I met him, as he had wagged his tail and nestled against his owner's leg.

I had to sneak up on him to keep him in camerahe most often hugs me with his pawsso I could capture his lovely fur pattern changes while he grows.

I asked him to pose so I could film his lovely spots. Then, as he trotted to and fro across his yard, he stopped and posed by the roses.

posted by punhorayi