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Neighbor Won’t Wakeup!! Adley u0026 Niko play pretend town! dad food store! new pet unicorn! and more

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

It's time to wake up Neighbor Niko!! ⏰


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we got the whole family together to play one of my favorite games NEIGHBORHOOD!! We all went upstairs to the toy room and decided that we would set up our homes, parks, and stores there! The first thing we had to do was decided where we were going to put out our houses! I lived in a tent, mom and Niko shared a house, and dad shared his home with the giant bear! After our homes were all set up we needed to sleep so we could get ready for the next day! When we woke up I had to take care of my pet unicorn and Niko had to take care of his pet Dinosaur! We went to dad's shop and bought a lot of different kinds of food to make sure we got the right treats for our friends! While we were feeding our pets, Dad set up an amusement park so that we could play on a big slide and play with some new toys! Then mom started to clean the whole neighborhood up! That was a good thing because it was cleaning day and whoever cleaned the most won a trophy! I tried really hard to clean as fast a possible so that I could win, and guess what?! I won the trophy for my amazing cleaning skills! After that, everyone started to get tired again and we went back home to sleep! When we woke up I wanted everyone to get ready for a cookout!! We gathered food, a food truck, and guests for our celebration! After our BBQ we did family yoga and played together as a family! I love it when we play neighborhood!!

my last video SNEAKiNG inside Dads Work!! Hiding from The Spacestation Crew for some swimming in the hot tub pool

my dad's last video ADLEY helps NiKO BEAR get ready for BED!! building a King & Queen Castle Fort, family night routine

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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