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My Twin Brother Set Me Up And I Was Punished


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This is Marshall and he wants to tell you about his evil twin brother. His name is Seth and he is driving Marshall crazy.

Just to make you understand. They are absolutely identical physically. At the same time they are absolute opposites – Marshall is a nice guy, he studies well and has lots of hobbies. Seth has always been a problematic guy – he likes to break rules and disobey. Unfortunately, they have always hated each other. Marshall thought it would be nice to be closer to his brother but Seth has always detested him and he never understood why.

As seniors they moved to a new district and entered a new school where no one knew them. Marshall started his hard studies at once as he wanted to enter the university. Seth on the other hand was all extatic as he found himself some new friends, all weirdos and bullies, and hung out with them all day long doing nothing. They didn’t bother each other – both were minding their own business. They even studied in different groups.

One day something strange happened. One of their teachers caught Marshall in the hallway and said: “Look, Marshall, I have discussed the matter with the headmaster and as far as you are a good student we will not call you parents but I hope this will be the last time”. Marshall was quite surprised and asked what she was talking about. “You know perfectly well!” She looked at him angrily and went away. Marshall understood she mistook him for Seth and found him to clarify. Seth swore he had no idea what the problem was.

Marshall decided to ignore. But suddenly he noticed that teachers weren’t really well-disposed towards him. They said: “You have good brains but your behavior issues… “ He got nervous and pointed out for several times that they clearly referred to his twin brother Seth but they thought he was telling lies. Until one day a statement came to their home from school principal that Marshall was caught trying to set our school on fire so their parents were asked to come for a talk.

Marshall was furious. He faced Seth an asked what was going on. Seth first pretended to be oblivious but Marshall was about to beat him so he had to tell the truth. Turned out that he was caught several times in semi-criminal activities and said his name was Marshall. “Why would you do a thing like that to me, you brother?” – Marshall asked. “I am fed up with you being the good twin that everyone loves and me being the black sheep of the family! I want you to get some problems as well!” He left Marshall speechless.

Their parents went to the headmaster and explained the situation. They pledged for Seth and the principal warned them that another episode and Seth would be expelled. Marshall restored his good name and Seth finally behaved himself. It all went well for a couple of weeks until a word spread that several boys got caught smoking in the bathroom. Among them –Seth. And this was when Marshall understood that Seth would get expelled. Marshall didn’t like Seth a lot but didn’t want him to get into trouble either because he was his brother after all. So he went to school officials and said that they got mistaken and it was not Seth who was caught smoking but him.

They understood Marshall was lying but no one could prove anything. After all the talks and threats Seth was cleared and Marshall got a serious warning. But he was sure he did the right thing. He was also rewarded when Seth came to him, shook his hand, said “Thank you brother” and gave him a hug. Seth has calmed down a bit since then and their relationships also improved a great deal. So maybe if your brother or sister dislikes you a lot maybe the reason is that they are not evil but just trying to get more attention.

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posted by samic31