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My Top 10 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs and Secrets (Part 1)


So this is the first episode of my new 'My Top 10' series. This may branch out into something else other than only Easter Eggs soon, back to Glitches maybe? But this was a ton of fun to make as well as a lot of effort so I hope you like it. Thanks for Watching!


Dead Island Riptide:

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon:

Metal Gear Solid 4:

Grand Theft Auto Vice City:

Bioshock Infinite:

Gears of War Judgment:

To see the others, use the playlist:
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL155C06DF677B3E45 7 Saddest Easter Eggs in Video Games. My Top 10 Craziest Video Game Easter Eggs and Secrets. Top 10 Scary Easter Eggs In Disney Movies. Top 5 Creepiest Video Game Easter Eggs! Top 50 Scary Levels In Games [SERIES 1]. Top 10 Scary Urban Legends That Are Actually True. The Best GAME OF THRONES Easter Eggs in Video Games. Top 10 Crazy WTF Easter Eggs In Video Games. Top 10 Greatest Pistols In Video Games. My Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs and Secrets of 2013.

posted by ostankuuo