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My Parents Picked My Apartment // Presented By BuzzFeed &


"He's so funny about wanting a fitness center...maybe he just wants it for the selfies." Check out to get started on your new #RENTlationship today. Guys Wear Acrylic Nails For A Week. People Try Extreme French Fries. People Try To Explain Game Of Thrones Before The Theme Song Ends. People With Commitment Issues Foster Dogs For A Week // Presented By BuzzFeed & Rachael Ray Nutrish. Adults Clean Out Their Childhood Bedrooms With Their Parents // Presented By BuzzFeed & letgo. Here’s What $1,500 Rent Looks Like Around The World. Binge Watchers Stop Streaming TV For A Week. The Bizarre But True Origins Of Wedding Traditions. Black Belt Kid Vs. White Belt Adults. Women's Makeup Throughout History.

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