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My Parents Picked My Apartment // Presented By BuzzFeed & ForRent.com


"He's so funny about wanting a fitness center...maybe he just wants it for the selfies." Check out https://ForRent.com to get started on your new #RENTlationship today. Millennial Italians Try American Pizza. Would You Eat A Dessert Shaped Like An Animal? Teens Play Would You Rather: Social Media. People With Commitment Issues Foster Dogs For A Week // Presented By BuzzFeed & Rachael Ray Nutrish. Adults Try Lunchables For The First Time. Fathers Dress Their Adult Daughters. I Let My Kids Dress Me For A Week. When Your Kids Are The Boss For A Day // Presented by BuzzFeed & Samsung. Mozzarella Stick Taste Test. $25,000 Car Vs. $503,000 Car.

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