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My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY


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A MINNESOTAN man lives with three giant English Mastiffs who weigh a combined 630lbs. Joe Thompson lives with his three English Mastiffs and his family in Duluth, Minnesota. The largest of the three dogs – twoyearold Harrison – weighs a whopping 250lbs, while his housemates Ringo and Paul weigh 218lbs and 170lbs respectively. Joe got the first of the three dogs six years ago after his dad was diagnosed with cancer and then began breeding the huge dogs. English Mastiffs are renowned for being the world’s heaviest dogs and Joe’s pets are in huge demand for breeding – charging up to $3000 a time.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Marius Anderson
Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
Editor: Thom Johnson

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