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My Mean Teacher Got A Serious Dose Of Karma


By Lizi | Subscribe:

A long time ago, Lizi was in class with a kid named Johnny. Johnny was on the smaller side, so he was often picked on by other kids at school. He wasn't very popular and he was extremely quiet.

Lizi and Johnny had a really salty, mean teacher a woman who we will call Mrs. F who was always getting on everyone's case. She was really rude, and she made mean comments about her students all the time. She HUMILIATED people on a daily basis.

One day, Mrs. F gave out a math assignment. Then, she took each student's answers, photographed them and projected them in front of the WHOLE class to critique. She went in alphabetic order, so Lizi knew she was going to be up first.

Lizi was SO scared. She didn't consider herself a total math genius, so she was so embarrassed to have her answers projected in front of the entire class. But just as Mrs. F is about to give Lizi her failing grade on the assignment, Johnny started to cough and gag in the middle of class. Because it was flu season, Johnny's cough wasn't SO shocking, but what happened next most DEFINITELY was.

All of a sudden, Johnny started PROJECTILE vomiting all over the teacher's desk EXORCIST style! Talk about KARMA! Mrs. F looked at her desk in complete TERROR! The entire class was staring at the mess on her table and, all at once, everyone started running out of the classroom.

To this day, Lizi always thinks of it as a hilarious story. But when she looks back, she realizes that Johnny totally saved her life from being roasted. She can now say to herself, "My mean teacher got a serious dose of karma!"

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