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My Horrible Experience Unlocking Fortnite Galaxy Skin + 15,000 V-Bucks


I bought four Galaxy Note 9 devices. 1 for myself, and 3 for my other videos. They each came with the pre-order promotional offers, and I thought, "Hey, I can giveaway the 15,000 v-bucks + Galaxy Skins to my viewers as a thank you to them." But Samsung has made the whole process of unlocking the skin and receiving the V-Bucks so convoluted and unnecessarily complicated, that at this point, I don’t even know if I’ll get them myself, let alone be able to gift them to my viewers. I'll try to keep you guys updated as I deal with this.

UPDATE: I've got the Galaxy SKIN now. But NO V-Bucks yet. Will keep you posted. I got the Galaxy Skin by logging and playing 3 games on my main account, even though there was no popup telling me to do so on my Samsung.com device.

UPDATE 2 (8/26/2018): I finally got the email out of no where offering the 15,000 v-bucks. I literally didn't signup/click anything. I clicked the link in the email, and then Samsung's website check which Epic account I was logged into and awarded the V-Bucks.

Update 3: I've been able to log in and play 3 games on one of the winner's accounts. That should gift them the Galaxy skin if all goes properly.

UPDATE 4: The head of Samsung promotional deals has reached out to me today offering to help complete the giveaway promotional deals. So hopefully we won't have any problems getting the next ones approved for the winners.

posted by enquissarih