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'Star Wars' Came To Life As YouTuber Created 40W Laser Shotgun


According to How Stuff Works, a laser is simply a more focused and higher powered lightbulb or flashlight. A LOT more powerful. Like, "1,000 to 1 million times stronger than a typical light bulb." But whatever a laser is, everyone want to have it because they are truly awesome. And there's at least one person on Earth who made this dream come true. Meet the guy who built a Star Wars-esque laser shotgun in his garage that sets things on fire! Anthony calls himself a mad scientist, and enjoys building all kinds of lasers out of various materials. Now, before you all head out to your local electronics specialist and start amassing enough bits to create a real Death Star, remember that aliens haven't yet abused any of us, so be careful and don't start the real Star War!

posted by taewheachonxi