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My Great Grandma Haunting Me!!


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Kyla wasn't trying to have a top 10 scary story in her life, but about a year ago her Great Grandmother died. When she passed away it was hard on everybody, but especially hard on Kyla's Mom since the two of them had been really close. Her Mom had been really upset for days after the funeral, crying and missing Kyla's Great Grandma.

A few days after the funeral Kyla and her Mom walked into the kitchen, and there on the table was a dime. That wasn't creepy or weird to Kyla, nothing all that haunted about it, but her Mom just immediately burst into tears.

Kyla asked her why she was crying and so freaked out about a dime on the table, and she explained that there is an old wive's tale that says that loved ones and relatives who have died, and who want to communicate with their living family, will leave dimes around the house for them.

This was a little bit scary at first, and Kyla immediately started thinking about all the paranormal stuff she had seen on YouTube, with ghosts and hauntings and other disturbing and scary stuff. But ultimately she ended up thinking it was actually pretty cool, and then, as it happened, she started finding dimes EVERYWHERE. Really, everywhere.

In the bathroom, in her locker, in her drawers and in closets, even in her box of Daphne-O's! After enough scary dimes had haunted her, she had to admit, she started getting a little bit creeped out. One day she was over at her friends and they went to hang out in her room, and there, for no reason, just randomly, a dime appeared on the bed when they sat down.

On her way home she told her Mom about all the dimes, told her that it was starting to get scary, the she felt like the dimes were haunting her and she wished they would stop.

And then, like magic, as if her Great Grandmother had heard from another dimension, the dimes stopped appearing. And in a way, that freaked her out even more. And she even started getting creeped out around her own house. Just like somehow with the scary dimes and all of that they had invited something ghostly and paranormal into their lives.

One night she was doing some school work on her computer and she thought she heard footsteps coming from the hallway. She turned around and there was no one there. She didn't think much of it, and got back to work, when all of a sudden those noises came back, louder and louder, like something was coming for her. She panicked, and ran to her room across the hall, slammed the door and leaned up against it - totally scared, creeped, and freaked out. This was a true, creepy, supernatural horror story.

After that though things quieted down, and there haven't been any strange disturbances since. Kyla misses her grandma, and hopes that she is still somewhere watching over her. Kyla almost regrets complaining about all the scary dimes, since it did somehow make her feel like her Great Grandmother was still watching over her, and, actually, she wouldn't mind a few years worth of collected dimes!

************** CHECK OUT THE END**************

The storybooth team was listening through stories when we came upon this one that you are watching. We listened, intrigued, and halfway through, when we looked up, there on the desk in front of the computer was a dime. We could have sworn it wasn't there when we all gathered around to review stories.

Later, as we all went back to our desks and workstations, there on the floor in the middle of the room was another dime, a different dime that again nobody remembered seeing there before.

And, it's been happening ever since - dimes and dimes and dimes.

So, beware, or be on the lookout for dimes in your life and think about who might be sending them. If you want, you can share your scary creepy dime stories in the comments.

- - -

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