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My Friend Gets A+ Because Our Teacher Has A Secret Affair. I Told Everyone


Hi everybody! Would you like to hear something really unbelievable? I am only twelve years old, I have just entered my first year of middle school, but I have already seriously framed my teacher, my best friend, and even her mother. To tell you the truth, I have to admit that I did not mean to do it.It was just a coincidence.

Everybody calls me Sam. But my Mom calls me SAMANTHA, and every time I hear this, I get chills down my spine! Brrrr. You know, my mother is very strict and very careful about numerous rules that HAVE to be observed. Usually she invents all these rules by herself. For example, every Friday night, our big family absolutely HAS to get together and go to my mom's favorite restaurant. My mom calls it the “Great Dinner” pronouncing it so strictly and meaningfully that you realize that there is no trace of even the slightest hope of abandoning or escaping it.

So, one Friday evening, during another extremely boring and dull “Great Dinner,” I was sitting at the table at the restaurant, yawning, and idly picking at some tasteless pasta with a fork. Mom was talking about something loudly, and I was just wishing that all of this would come to an end as soon as possible. It could have been just another ordinary and horrible family evening... if I didn't notice Monica’s mother sitting at one of the neighboring tables. Oh, I totally forgot to introduce you. Monica is my school friend I spoke about at the beginning. I would go to her house all the time and I knew her mother pretty well, so I thought that I should go up to her and say hello. But my plans changed drastically when I looked at the man Monica’s mother was having dinner with. It was Mr. Fitzpatrick! Can you imagine? Mr. Fitzpatrick! Oh, sorry. I forgot again, that you don't know who that is. Mr. Fitzpatrick is my social science teacher. I do not like his class, and Mr. Fitzpatrick himself is not a person who I would like to talk to in the presence of my mother, so I tried to hide myself behind a napkin to make sure that they didn't notice me.

I knew that Monica's mother was single. And I still remember a very ugly story that happened when Monica and I were still in elementary school. It was a time when Monica’s parents were in the middle of their divorce proceedings. Ouch, even now I don’t want to think about that! But I will tell you anyway. When Monica's mom and dad filed for their divorce, they could not come to an agreement about where Monica would stay. They were literally trying to slice their daughter as if she were a piece of pie. There was some kind of murky story about the court hearing and the judge’s decision regarding the custody of Monica, but I don’t remember the details, because at that time I was only a nine-year-old kid and did not understand much about, well, all these strange things that adults do. One day when we were at school, Monica's dad showed up in the middle of the school day, and demanded that the teacher let Monica go with him. The teacher, of course, knew about the divorce procedure that Monica's parents were undergoing and knew that something sketchy was going on there. So she refused. But Monica's dad was very persistent! He made a huge scene in front of all the students and teachers! The teacher even wanted to call the police, because some of the classes, including our class, had to be canceled thanks to Monica's dad ... however, we kids were not too upset about this. Then Monica's mother came to school, and the scene continued, but later they somehow managed to settle their problems. It seemed that Monica had finally firmly answered that she wanted to stay with her mother, and that she did not want her father to harass them any longer. After this, Monica's father was so angry with her that he still does not want to see her or even talk to her. And when my mother found out about this drama, which totally left an impression at our calm and boring school, she was very strict... regarding Monica’s mother. Mom said that a DECENT woman would never allow this to happen, especially IN PUBLIC. My mother did not forbid me to stay friends with Monica, but she did not even want to talk to Monica’s mother. When I would go over to Monica's house, and my mother would come to pick me up, she would always wait for me in the car outside. So I had multiple reasons to not draw my mom's attention to this couple.

But I still continued to watch them — well, anyway, it was definitely much more exciting than listening to how my family talked about themselves. And it was only the beginning of the show there! In less than five minutes, Monica's mom and Mr. Fitzpatrick... started kissing!

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