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My English Springer Spaniel (14 Month Old) : Adventurous Dog Walk In Hopwood Woods

oneMAN oneDOG*

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Hi At the end of this month (Sept) its a year ago since Orionn (rip) my last dog a JRT died in my arms BUT also it will be a year since i got puppy FLOW a English Springer Spaniel so expect a lot of dog videos this month Ive made a new website for dog sports called Waggin Tails TV (check link below) & to go along with it is a new video series with the same name So yesterday (1st September 2020) i took my puppy FLOW a adventurous dog walk in the local Hopwood woods This video is quite long as they are for my memories..If you love dogs as much as i do then consider subscribing & hitting the bell for updates & if your already subbed then a MASSIVE thanks for taking the time to watch our adventure...
Thanks Paul lee & puppy FLOW @oneMAN oneDOG 2020.
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posted by armpsycho5q