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My 1 Year Old Puppy Springer Spaniel 5am Dog Walk (Boarshaw Clough) / insta360 ONE R 4K

oneMAN oneDOG*

#insta360 #insta360oner #insta360oner4k #springerspaniel
Hi..Ive had to reupload this video & try a better edit (colour grading) BUT theres not much improvement SO on Saturday the 8th August i didnt go to bed & stayed up 24hrs+ so at dawn (5am) i went walking around Boarshaw Clough with puppy FLOW to test my NEW action camera !! It was dark & i should of used a head torch because the NEW camera didnt perform great in the low light conditions & FLOW started sh***ing it at everything (including leaves)...
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Thanks paul @OneManOneDog
ps "get out & live life"......
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