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Music to put you in a better mood ~ lofi / relax / stress relief

Little Soul

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Art by Sam Yang

All pictures are collected by me or sent by fans, I just create more. So if there is any problem related to copyright, email me first and I will take care of it immediately!
Thank you very much!!!
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Thank you very much, artists :

C4C :
Project AER
Eugenio izzi :
mellø :

Track list :

00:00 Project AER Drifting
02:33 Flovry Bloom w_ mellø
05:27 Flovry first heartbreak w_ tender spring
08:03 S N U G Haze
10:35 mrmcchickino blurry
12:42 S N U G Illusion
14:27 S N U G Purple Skies
17:06 C4C Miss You
19:21 Charlee Nguyen Living ≠ SurvivingLiving ≠ Surviving
22:07 eugenio izzi A Fresh Breath
24:30 C4C Highway To Heaven
26:38 eugenio izzi The Autumn Sea
29:09 S N U G New Beginnings Ft. Mondo Loops
31:27 C4C x kokoro Chérie (L'aventure EP)
34:11 S N U G x Nuver Nova Ft. Jordy Chandra
36:53 mrmcchickino hummingbird
38:38 mrmcchickino water
40:48 mellø Childhood Memories (w_ Ambulo)
42:25 mellø Nautilus (w_ Phlocalyst)
43:59 AYOEN bird watching
46:30 mellø Stay The Same (w_ Ambulo).
48:32 AYOEN Building a Tower.
51:29 S N U G x Nuver After Dark
53:59 S N U G x Nuver Paths
56:40 C4C . (396 subs↑).
59:35 mrmcchickino liquid velvet.
1:01:15 AYOEN Alone On D Beach.
1:04:19 S N U G x Nuver Stargazing.
1:07:02 AYOEN Not me.
1:09:42 mellø Musing( w_Haru Pandi).
1:11:43 AYOEN Lost Memories.
1:14:37 AYOEN Missing Summer Already.
1:17:02 mellø Epilogue (w_ Ambulo).
1:17:52 S N U G x Nuver Frost.
1:20:30 mrmcchickino old photos.
1:22:02 C4C Jasmine w_ T.Lion.
1:24:34 S N U G x Nuver Alaska.
1:27:32 AYOEN On My Mind.
1:29:53 mellø Dozing Off (w_ Ambulo).
1:32:00 mellø Gloom (w_ Ambulo)
1:34:12 mellø Beneath The Trees.
1:37:45 mellø Sail Away
1:39:46 mellø when you smile.
1:42:44 S N U G x Nuver Blankets
1:45:47 AYOEN It's Nice Here.
1:48:41 S N U G x Nuver Dreams Of You.
1:51:31 AYOEN I Know I Messed Up
1:53:46 S N U G x Nuver Horizons Ft. Mondo Loops.
1:56:45 S N U G x Nuver Moonscapes.
1:59:12 C4C Companion w_ Leavv (Chillhop Daydreams 2).

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