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Munx Gregoriana - Halo Theme Song LIVE in a real Chapel | Halo Infinite Tribute

Game Music Collective

To celebrate the release of Halo Infinite we had a little singing session with real Gregorian Style Vocal Ensemble in a Chapel!

Munx Gregoriana's Youtube channel: , go and support them! :)

Munx Gregoriana sings Wow; WotLK Main Theme:

Halo Theme Song

Composition: Martin O'Donnell
Arrangement: William Häggblom

Munx Gregoriana

Joonas Pajari
William Häggblom
Tuomas Tenkanen
Johan Krogius(Only in the Audio)

Video Crew:

Dop: Tuomas Tenkanen
1st AC: AnnaMaria Vikstén
Editing: Tuomas Tenkanen
Color Grading: Tuomas Tenkanen
Audio Recording & Mixing: William Häggblom
Audio Mastering: Markus Kärki
Production: Munx Gregoriana

Big Thanks to
Helsinki Cathedral
Suomenlinna Church

posted by sramotimew