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Movies Canceled Because Of An Idiot Mistake


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It's a miracle any movies ever get made, given everything that can go wrong. With hundreds of people using dangerous equipment while spending tens of millions of dollars, there are so many variables that, sometimes, filmmakers have to call the whole thing off—all because someone did something dumb. Here are some movies that got canceled because of an idiot mistake...

Star Trek: Planet of the Titans | 0:26
Justice League: Mortal | 1:07
Newt | 1:48
Inhumans | 2:37
A Revenge of the Nerds remake | 3:45
Two sequels to Terminator: Salvation | 4:31
Dumb and Dumber 2 | 5:08
The Adventures of Fartman | 5:43
The Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic | 6:28
Two more Fletch sequels | 6:54

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