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Motorcycle VS Cops Bike Run Off Road By Cop Car POLICE CHASE Bikes Running From Cops VS Bikers 2017


Motorcycle VS Cops Bikes Running From Cops In Crazy Police Chase 2017 Watch As Bike Is Run Off Road By Cop Car During High Speed Police Pursuit The Whole Insane Motorcycle Chase Is Caught On Camera! Watch as street bike stunt riders get chased by angry cop during high speed chase. Bikers VS police officer chasing large group of motorcyclist for riding wheelies & performing illegal motorcycle stunts on a busy public freeway in Chicago, IL. Cop nearly hits multiple bikers with patrol car & even almost crashes into random vehicles of innocent drivers trying to get out of the way of police who are not even involved in high speed police pursuit. Unexpecting drivers end up getting caught in the middle of something straight out of GTA but it is in real life motorcycles running away from police at high speed with no regard for law enforcement or traffic laws bikes road rage with angry police officer. Bikes VS cops epic bike chase of crazy dirt bike rider getting run off the road by police car completely off the shoulder into the glass along side freeway to attempt to escape from cop car that nearly smashes into motorbike after police officer road rage with dirtbike riding wheelie. the whole cop chase is caught on tape by street bike stunt rider filming with GoPro Hero 5 helmet camera or dash cam. All of the motorcycles getaway from the cops outrunning all law enforcement vehicles in epic motorcycle escape. Thank you for watching this insane cops vs motorcycle police chase 2017 of bike run off road by police officer chasing big group of bikes for performing illegal bike stunts. Please enjoy this video clip!


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